Confederacy of Cruisers   

There is no more fun way to explore New Orleans than by bicycle, especially on an easy to ride,  fat-tired cruiser that’s as laid back as we are.   What we offer is simple; free-flowing tours that are slow paced, like the city itself. We roll with all the time you need to soak up the local color and hear the stories of our history and people that make New Orleans a city like no other.

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​​       Gris Gris Strut

Our Sponsors

Gris Gris Strut's Jr Corps offers young local musicians and dancers,

 ages 12-17, professional training and mentoring regardless of income.

Gris Gris Strut’s mission is to uplift local New Orleans communities, artists and youth by promoting positive, family-friendly Louisiana artistic traditions, including dance, parade and music performance.  “I believe we need to saturate this city with
programs to elevate our youth, provide solid role models, and give them the opportunity to learn and grow their art,” says executive director Cherie Pitre.

Registration is open for young dancers or musicians to sign up for the ten-week intensive training, which starts in the fall. Youth sign-up forms for both dance and music will be available by contacting us at 
There are no experience requirements.  

The dance component will offer  lessons from Gris Gris Strut’s choreographer, Cherie Pitre.  Dancers will be paired with professional dancers in the troupe for mentorship.  The music component will offer youth lessons from our band director, Allen Hall.  Junior corps musicians will also learn from a full immersion with the adult marching band.  GGSJC musicians will march with the main marching band in practice and parades. GGSJC dancers will march as an independent group with Gris Gris Strut in practice and parades.  Contact Gris Gris Strut Director Cherie Pitre at for more information.  

GGSJC is a unique opportunity for communities in the greater New Orleans area to come together.  We believe all youth should be allowed access to the proper training they need to fulfill their passion for dance and music.

We are raising money for:

band director                                                dance director                                    dance assistant director                     

rehearsal space                                            dance studio                                       transportation                                                           parade support                                            snacks and refreshments                 uniforms