​​       Gris Gris Strut

Gris Gris Strut members condense down into a brass band with dancers for events, proposals, 2nd lines, and weddings. We can help make your special day even more magical. Contact cherie@grisgrisstrut.com for availability & prices.

Gris Strut Marching Band is comprised of more than 30 professional musicians & the 12-17 year old musicians they are mentoring. 
“Basically this is a community project,” says saxophonist Robin Clabby. “We're all here for the love of it. It’s very organic. Because of the love and mutual cooperation between everyone, the structure has just worked itself out along the way.”  Drummer Zack Smith describes the band as “serious fun” and says as far as the mentoring goes, his goal is to “teach the kids the value of simplicity.  In this type of band, less is more and keeping it clean and simple allows the horns to shine and gives the dancers a good, solid foundation.”


Our Flag Corps is led by Courtney Moles.  Courtney creates beautifully visual flag routines for parades & events. The addition of the flag corps really balances out the troupe.