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Gris Gris Strut is now on two continents! Our New Orleans group now expanded to Australia!

In 2009 New Orleans witnessed the birth of a new kind of dance troupe, Gris Gris Strut. They’re blazing a path as the first ever troupe performing hard-hitting, full body, “forward-motion choreography” (a style choreographer and dancer Cherie Pitre created) on the parade routes to the beats of their marching band, alongside their flag corps. Off carnival, you can find them performing original theater productions, in films, festivals, events, and second lines. GGS believes preserving the traditions of New Orleans & giving back the city is a priority.  They offer a jr. corps program for local 12-17 year old dancers & musicians.

In 2017, director Cherie Pitre opened up a dance & music school in Melbourne, Australia as well as the Australian chapter of Gris Gris Strut, dance troupe and Marching band.

Our critically acclaimed show is back by popular demand & bigger than ever. Set to the music of Quintron & Miss Pussycat 

Our marching band can also transform into a brass band for your special occasion & our flag corps rocks!

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Let's join forces to keep professional music & dance training available for every neighborhood.